The Service Flag

The Service Flag is flown by:

The Spouse of,

The Parents of,

and sometimes

The Grandparents of

Persons serving in our nations military.

We Fly 2 Service Flags

To honor our 2 sons.


We Fly The Flags of the 101st Airborne an 1st Calvary

To honor the Men and Women our sons Serve with.



We Fly The Army Flag

To honor all those in the same branch of the military

as our sons.


We Fly the Iraqi Freedom Flag

Not only to honor all those who serve with our sons,

But to honor all those who have served there, and

all the good these men and women have done

so far from home.

We Honor Them For:

The thousands of Iraqi Men and Women who will not die

just for offending the wrong person.

The hundreds of young women who will not be raped

by men in power who do it just because they can.

The hundreds of thousands of children

who can now receive an education, not only in schools,

but also in

Iraqi Freedom.



We fly the

We Support Our Troops


For Those who are fighting this war all over the world.

Not just in Iraq, Not just in Afghanistan.

But where ever they need to.

Those who declared war on us years ago

placed their people all over the world to bring this war to

Our House



It doesn't matter if your natural skin tone is

Dark tan, Medium tan, Light tan, or No tan.

We all own the 3 colors that matter.

Red, White, and Blue!